Everyday adventures with KAYA

All KAYA Stix are made with ethanol-extracted THC distillate followed by a solvent-free refinement process, using our very own mountain grown cannabis. KAYA is the most convenient way to medicate in today’s up in coming medical cannabis market.


Here at High Mountain Health, we have compiled a few activities that you can do after you medicate with our KAYA concentrates.


At home spa day:

It was the absolute longest day at work, the kids are crying because you said they can’t have pizza for dinner, the trash is overflowing, and the dog peed on your brand-new blazer. You need a spa day! Run yourself a bubble bath, order the freaking pizza, and worry about the blazer tomorrow. Put your face mask on, cucumber eyes and all, and grab your ultra-relaxing Indica KAYA Mys-Stix or Rip-Stix cartridges. Take a deep, breath, and MEDICATE.

Indica strains are known for providing significant pain relief and muscle relaxation. You can expect to feel the effects more heavily concentrated in your body and legs when medicating with Indica dominant strains. Sometimes we need help to relax, especially when your day was worse than normal. Self-care is super important, both internally and externally (did we mention we have a topical spray?). It’s okay to pamper yourself from time to time – why not incorporate your meds?

Walking the Dog:

Another beautiful sunny day, in Arizona, complete with blue skies and big fluffy clouds. The pungent smell of ponderosa pines in the air. Long hair flowing in the wind – and into your mouth. With our KAYA Health Oil, you can medicate discretely and quickly with long-lasting effects. 

Taking a medicated walk can change your whole day, especially with your furry best friend, but what if your aunt is in town visiting and her running schedule is synced up to your walking schedule? Fear not, KAYA is here to save the day! With our clean and discrete concentrates, you don’t need to worry about Aunt Sue getting a whiff of your skunky meds.


It’s your day off and you’ve been meaning to fix up that janky yard of yours for months now. Well, the sun is out and there are no more excuses! Go dig those seeds out of your junk drawer, grab some potting soil, and get to work. Medicating while being close to nature is a natural antidepressant. Get your hands dirty, feel the earth between your fingers, and build some memories with family or friends. With our hybrid KAYA Mys-Stix or Rip-Stix, you can feel closer to nature and create a space you are truly proud of and are excited to spend time in. Hybrid strains contain a variety of medical benefits and properties, which explains why people use them to help treat pain, stress, anxiety, and depression (to name a few). You can expect to feel the effects both cerebrally and in your body while using Hybrid strains.


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