KAYA HappyBar Bites

•  100mg Bag
 •  300mg Bag

HappyBar Bites

•  Healthy, low-glycemic edible option
•  Vegan, whole-food
•  10 servings per bag

Treat yourself and your health to KAYA’s HappyBar Bites. HappyBar Bites are vegan and low sugar—all without compromising flavor. Unlike many edibles currently on the market, HappyBar Bites provide a gluten-, soy-, dairy- and grain-free option, making them ideal for those with dietary restrictions. Available in two flavors: Coconut Date Ginger is perfectly sweet with a subtle, yet invigorating, ginger spice sure to tantalize your taste buds—and potent medicine to match. Mocha Cinnamon brings you an irresistible flavor combo reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop: dark chocolate, fresh ground coffee and a hint of cinnamon. You’ll be comfortably uplifted for hours.

When to use: HappyBar Bites are perfect for those looking for a consistent, effective medicine supplied in an all-natural, tasty bite-size package.

Directions for use: These bites are conveniently divided into 10 bite-size pieces, each delivering 10mg (100mg total per bag) or 30mg (300 mg total per bag).