Available Varieties:

   •  1:1 • 1:3 • Indica • Sativa

Fill & Potency:

•  1g (1000mg) fill
 •  800mg minimum active cannabinoids

Health Oil (RSO)

•  KAYA’s highly refined version of Rick Simpson Oil
•  Full-spectrum for entourage effect
•  High potency with low residuals
•  Twist dispense for accurate, convenient dosing

KAYA Health Oil is a full-spectrum oil made from premium mountain-grown cannabis. This product utilizes the combined benefit of cannabinoids and terpenes–chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant that each have unique medicinal benefits. Instead of singling out certain compounds, the Health Oil takes full advantage of the vast amount of medical potential found in the cannabis plant, contributing to the “entourage effect.”

When to use: KAYA Health Oil may treat a number of ailments, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe pain, nausea, inflammation and muscles spasms. The oil is fully activated.

Directions for use: Common methods of ingestion include absorbing the oil orally, consuming with food, using topically or with a suppository. We have recently introduced new packaging—a convenient and easy twist dispenser. The dispenser helps patients medicate discreetly, quickly and without any messes. A recommended dose of our Health Oil is a drop the size of a grain of rice due to its exceptional potency.