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KAYA’s mission is to help you enhance your well-being and quality of life through pure and safe cannabis oil. 

Five Stars

“KAYA is the highest medical grade concentrate I have ever smoked in AZ. I recommend their products to all cannabis users, especially their wellness line.”

~ Chelsea S.

Five Stars

“My mom has MS and is a new client with them and they were so helpful with her! She was very impressed with how hopeful and knowledgeable they were for someone who knew nothing about the products. While using what they recommended she’s been feeling great the past few weeks. I’m very thankful for them.”

– Elaina

Five Stars

“Amazing brand/company. Their cartridges are awesome. I only use KAYA and suggest it to any one.”

– Kati

Five Stars

” I am a huge fan of KAYA. KAYA carries cartridges which have terpenes added to them. I am in love with their WIFI cartridge. But they also offer other concentrates that they make from their own flower. Such as rosin, shatter, sap, crumble. What an outstanding business! “

– Sheila J.