KAYA Test Results

All KAYA products produced by High Mountain Health, LCC are fully tested for your safety in compliance with guidelines for laboratory certification, product sampling, and testing requirements established by Senate Bill 1494.

Distribution Chain – This marijuana or marijuana product was grown and/or manufactured by High Mountain Health, LCC in Flagstaff, AZ, AZDHS Registration Certificate ID Number: 00000050DCBO00239922. Our marijuana and marijuana products are transported or sold to the following AZDHS licensed laboratories, medical marijuana dispensaries and/or marijuana establishments:

High Mountain Cannabis, Flagstaff (High Mountain Health, LLC, DRC# 00000050DCBO00239922; MEL# 00000087ESWR93327597)
Apollo Labs, LLC, Scottsdale, LIC# 0000013LCRK62049775
Botanica, Tucson (Copper State Herbal Center Inc, DRC# 00000058DCQU00115543; MEL# 00000127ESET80222360)
Cannabist, Tempe (Salubrious Wellness Clinic Inc, DRC# 00000097DCGK00454998; MEL# 00000071ESFP14031510)
Downtown Dispensary, Tucson (Forever 46 LLC, DRC# 00000057DCHF00477864; MEL# 00000126ESDQ50929013)
D2 Dispensary, Tucson (46 Wellness LLC, DRC# 00000116DCJL00597353; MEL# 00000128ESJI00619914)
Greenmed Dispensary, Tucson (Greenmed, Inc, MEL# 00000113ESLZ23317951)
Kind Meds, Mesa (Kind Meds, Inc, DRC# 00000088ESUZ76069650; MEL# 00000078DCBK00628996)
Marigold, Phoenix (Greens Goddess Products, Inc, DRC# 00000106DCQV00747138)
Nova Dispensary, Mesa (Arizona Wellness Collective 3, Inc, DRC# 00000119DCKO00583347; MEL# 00000044ESZW01555573)
Ponderosa Dispensary, Chandler (Ponderosa Botanical Care Inc, DRC# 00000066DCBO00410690; MEL# 00000109ESVM44878444)
Ponderosa Dispensary, Florence (480 License Holdings, LLC., MEL#0000154ESTQI31348041)
Ponderosa Dispensary, Glendale (MMJ Apothecary, DRC# 00000062DCAY00861940; MEL# 00000100ESEC12878172)
Sticky Saguaro, Chandler (Border Health, Inc, DRC# 00000108DCVB00423429; MEL# 00000022ESMC44584355)

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Using marijuana during pregnancy could cause birth defects or other health issues to your unborn child.

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