Kaya Rip•Stix
 •  600mg minimum per cartridge


•  Raw and Uncut
•  Maximum Potency
•  Ultimate discreteness

KAYA Rip•Stix are uncut, 100 percent pure cannabis distillate cartridges, available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica varieties, color-coded for your convenience. Rip•Stix are made with premium in-house, mountain-grown cannabis. KAYA uses a  distillation process for a pure and potent, solvent-free result. Each cartridge contains a.5 gram of pure, uncut distillate. The sleek and efficient cartridge is durable and tamper-proof while offering a smooth, effortless draw thanks to the CCell Core technology.

When to use: This high potency cartridge is ideal for treating a variety of ailments with ease.