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…It’s more than just a hashtag.

When I think about KAYA I don’t just think about a particular product, I think about a brand that is dedicated to helping people. With KAYA I don’t have to worry about what’s in the product because they don’t use a cutting agent or any artificial flavors so I know I’m always getting a clean product that has been thoroughly tested. I feel safe consuming any KAYA products and that kind of peace of mind doesn’t happen for me very often.

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Living with OCD and SAD-related anxiety sometimes makes it difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to work and interact with people all day long. Sometimes the thought of one conversation will dissuade me from going to the grocery store or the possibility of being judged by strangers will prevent me from going to the gym. These obsessions can go on in my mind for what seems like an eternity, and even when I know that my thoughts are irrational or silly I can’t stop them from entering my mind.

When I first started to use marijuana as an aide for my anxieties I have to admit that I mostly used flower. I only smoked and used the occasional edible for the first 6 years of medicating. It wasn’t until I started working for High Mountain Health and my knowledge of the industry started to bloom that I decided to branch out and try other forms of medication. Wanting to learn as quickly as possible I started out with KAYA’s ethanol hash oil (EHO) shatter then moved quickly to crumble, hash, and rosin– and loved all of them.

What did I love?

I loved the flavor, I loved the high, I loved everything about concentrates so I decided to go even deeper in the concentrate world and that’s when I got my very first vape pen. It was a KAYA Mys*stix indica cartridge with a breath activated battery. It was when the brand was just starting out so I decided to give it a go. AMAZING! Great tasting, it had really nice effects and most of all it was easy and discreet! No lighters, no torches, no expensive rigs waiting to be knocked over, it was just simple and effective.

Fast forward one year later and now I make sure I always have a KAYA cartridge ready to go wherever I am. Even though I am moving down to Scottsdale I never have to worry because KAYA is in multiple dispensaries around Arizona helping patients from all walks of life to treat their aches, pains and disorders. The best part to me is that KAYA doesn’t have to try any fancy marketing gimmicks or use misleading info. to trick you into purchasing their product. They just list the facts and make quality medicine available for a reasonable price.

~ Chris M.

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