High Mountain Health & KAYA Infusions Take On the 2018 710 Cup

Our Partners Kaya


The 710 Cup is all about celebrating safe and clean cannabis oil.

This annual event, also celebrating cannabis oil’s unofficial holiday (710 flipped upside-down looks like OIL) is held in Phoenix July 15th. The Cup offers the medical card-holders an opportunity to learn about this medicine. Furthermore, attendees have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and other cannabis professionals. The event attracts thousands from across the not only Arizona, but also Colorado, California, and other legal states.  At its core, the 710 Cup supports open education and communication about medical cannabis, while still having fun. And, as we all know, eliminating the stigma associated with cannabis begins with a conversation — the 710 Cup provides an opportunity for just that.

Access to clean cannabis concentrates is even more important as this form of ingestion has steadily become more popular nationwide. This is due to concentrates’ skyrocketing potencies and immediate, strong effects. With advanced vaping technology, medicating with cannabis oil is more convenient and easier than ever.

The founder of the 710 Cup, longtime cannabis advocate Jim Morrison, is a proponent of access to safe, clean medicine. He hopes this event offers consumers guidance in what products are best to purchase. Ahead of the competition, 710 Cup officials secretly shop potential competitors — licensed dispensaries who make their own oil. Dispensaries are also able to voluntarily participate. Then, C4 Laboratories, an independent analytical lab specializing in cannabis products, tests the qualifying concentrates. Any product that is tested positive for fungicides or pesticides is disqualified to emphasize a dedication to clean medicine.

How will the recent Arizona Appeals Court ruling affect the 710 Cup?

During previous years’ events, attendees had the opportunity to sample concentrates and flower from participating dispensaries. However, a state appeals court recent ruling has patients questioning the legal status of concentrates (including tinctures, vape pen cartridges, wax, shatter, etc.) and if they are protected under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). This decision is controversial; another appeals court may decide to overturn this original ruling. Several dispensaries, with legal advice, have vowed to continue business as usual.  Consequentially, flower, but not concentrate, will be available to sample at the Cup. An official statement from the organizers can be read here. Otherwise, the selection and judging process is complete. Background on the Arizona Court of Appeals State v. Jones Case provides some context, if not clarity, to the situation.

High Mountain Health & KAYA Infusions are honored to participate in this year’s 710 Cup.

We are excited to be part of this year’s selection — even if the event will be a little different from previous years. The 710 Cup goes far beyond just winning; this also is an ideal space to share what we are passionate about — potent, clean and safe cannabis medicine. Furthermore, our dispensary is proud to be an educational resource to medical cannabis patients across Arizona. Swing by our booth and say hello!

At this year’s competition, we are contributing a few different products:
  • HMH Bruce Banner – Sativa flower
  • HMH Blueberry Cough – Hybrid flower
  • KAYA MysStix WiFi OG – Sativa concentrate
  • KAYA MysStix Gelato – Indica concentrate
  • KAYA MysStix Orange Cookies – Indica concentrate
  • KAYA RipStix Mixed Indica  – Indica concentrate
  • KAYA Bubble Hash Original Sour Diesel – Sativa concentrate